Cultural events

Vuosali Hall and the gallery, lobby and yard area provide a great setting for holding various events in Vuosaari, on the eastern edge of Helsinki. Vuosali Hall is suitable for concerts, theatre and dance performances. The yard area has hosted events from flea markets to workshops, and flowers, tomatoes and lettuce are grown in the farming pavilions in Mosaiikkitori. The facilities are also rented out. Vuosaari House’s skilled production team can assist you in planning your event and making it a reality.

Photo: Kalevi Louhivuori / HOS Big Band
© Olli Sulin

vuosali hall

The 320-seat Vuosali Hall is ideal for concerts, dance and theatre performances. The hall can be turned into a 220-seat, fully licensed club, or a cinema equipped with a big screen.


Nine metres high, light and spacious, the gallery provides a magnificent setting for all kinds of exhibitions and workshops.


The 50-seat Pokkari Café & Bar is perfect for small-scale events. The café is fully licensed, providing interval refreshments for events and serving as a bar during club evenings.

Vuosaari House yard area

The yard area can be used for holding small-scale outdoor events, such as flea markets, workshops and different types of sales events.

gardening pavilions

The gardening pavilions in Mosaiikkitori serve as a resting place and a green oasis. Restaurant and Cleaning Days and other outdoor events can be organised around the pavilions.

Meetings and other events

Vuosali Hall and the meeting rooms at Vuosaari House are suitable for holding various meetings, seminars and workshops.

Meeting rooms

Meeting Room 1 can easily be turned into a classroom or a room with groups of tables. The room is equipped with conference technology. Meeting Room 2 is suitable for smaller meetings.