Other facilities

The meeting rooms at Vuosaari House are suitable for holding various meetings, seminars and workshops. Private individuals can rent the soundproof rehearsal room on Saturdays for music rehearsals. Pokkari Café & Bar is ideal for organising small-scale events. 

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms are located on the first floor of Vuosaari House and can be accessed via Pokkari Café & Bar. The light rooms have views of Mosaiikkitori. If necessary, the rooms can be darkened with curtains.

Meeting Room 1

•    Seats up to 20 people
•    Has tables and chairs that can be arranged in classroom style or for small groups
•    Equipped with meeting technology
•    Room hire €30/h (incl. VAT at 24%)

Meeting Room 2

•    Seats up to 13 people
•    Has tables and chairs
•    Room hire €30/h (incl. VAT at 24%)

Enquiries and bookings

Vuosaari House staff, tel. 09 310 85983

Rehearsal room

Vuosaari House features a small, soundproof room with a piano for music rehearsals. Rehearsal room hire €10/h (incl. VAT at 24%).

Enquiries and bookings

Cultural Producer Anna-Liisa Tasapuro
tel. 09 310 22327, 040 6571138                                                                                                              anna-liisa.tasapuro@hel.fi

Pokkari Café & Bar

The 50-seat Pokkari Café & Bar is located at street level. It is ideal for organising small-scale events. The café is fully licensed, providing interval refreshments for events and serving as a bar during club evenings.

Check out also

Vuosaari House yard area and Farming pavilions.
The yard area can be used for holding small-scale events, such as flea markets, workshops and different types of sales events.