Contact Information

Visiting address: Mosaiikkitori 2, Vuosaari
P.O. Box 98402, 00099 City of Helsinki

Vuosaari House porters tel. (09) 310 85983

Getting there

Vuosaari House is located close to Vuosaari metro station, next to Columbus Shopping Centre. In addition to the metro, you can take any of the following buses: 90, 90 N, 96, 96N, 818, 560, 813, 814, 815, 816, 817 & 819. The Journey Planner will show you the best route to Vuosaari House.

The underground car park at Vuosaari House is open 05:00–24:00.  All floors are directly accessible by lift.

Driving directions: When you drive from Itäkeskus towards Vuosaari, Meripellontie changes into Vuotie after Vuosaari bridge. Two kilometres after the bridge, you drive under Columbus Shopping Centre. After around 200 metres, turn left on Porslahdentie, and left again on Tyynylaavantie. When you have driven under the shopping centre again, you will see a sign “Mosaiikkitorin pysäköinti” on the right. The underground car park has signs and direct access by lift to Vuosaari House.

Opening hours

Vuosaari House is open:
Mon–Thu 8–20
Fri 8–18
Sat 10–16
Closed on Sundays.
​​​​​​​On event days, the doors open an hour before the event.


Vuosaari House is accessible to people with disabilities. All indoor and outdoor areas provide easy access and level corridors and passages.
•    The underground car park at Vuosaari House has disabled parking spaces and direct access to the main lobby and second floor by lift.
•    The doors to the main entrance open automatically at the touch of a button.
•    A disabled toilet can be found on the first floor.
•    The Ticket Office is easy to access.
•    Vuosali Hall has wheelchair spaces. If you need one, please mention it when buying a ticket or contact Vuosaari House staff in advance (tel. 09 310 85983). A personal assistant can accompany a wheelchair user to an event free of charge.
•    Vuosali Hall offers grounded power sockets.
•    Vuosali Hall has an induction loop. 


tuuli tokkola

09 310 71359, gsm 050 438 8427

sari paananen

Office Supervisor
09 310 79579, gsm 0400 293562

Siw Handroos-Kelekay

Cultural Producer 
Swedish programme at Vuosaari House and Stoa
09 310 88755, gsm 050 5226827

Hanna Westerholm

Cultural Producer 
Art education, 5x2 art education courses, Culture courses at Vuosaari House and Stoa
09 310 88404, gsm 050 4649536
Postal address: Stoa, P.O. Box 90402, 00099 City of Helsinki


Cultural Producer 
Multicultural projects at Vuosaari House and Stoa
09 310 37504, gsm 050 4125739
Postal address: Stoa, P.O. Box 90402, 00099 City of Helsinki


Production assistant 
09 310 21902, 040 188 3136

minna roine

Communications Specialist  
The contact person for communication
09 310 88802, gsm 040 1924579
Postal address: P.O. Box 10404, 00099 City of Helsinki


Production Coordinator 
09 310 29873, gsm 040 334 1088
email: or
Postal address: Stoa, P.O. Box 90402, 00099 City of Helsinki

Juri Ketola

Sound Manager 
09 310 88608, gsm 050 5426772

Jari Koskela

Lighting manager 
09 310 71348, gsm 050 5280014


09 310 85983