The Helsinki Model – Stronger Together

In early 2016, the Helsinki Model project of the City of Helsinki Cultural Office was set in motion in Vuosaari. The objective is to foster community spirit in the Vuosaari area, and to create new opportunities for local residents to experience culture and make art part of their daily lives. Klockriketeatern, KOM-teatteri and the Finnish Museum of Photography were chosen as partners for the project in Vuosaari.

In addition to Vuosaari, the Helsinki Model will be implemented in the districts of Jakomäki, Kaarela and Maunula between 2016 and 2018. The Helsinki Model is a new kind of model for participatory local cultural work. The aim is to reinforce community spirit, positive development and distinctive profiles in districts outside the city centre. The idea is to create opportunities for residents in various districts to experience culture and make art part of their daily lives. At the centre of the project are interaction and cooperation between local residents and arts organisations, efforts to find more diverse ways of working and, thereby, new audiences for art and culture.

Project period 2019–2021

The aim of the collaboration between the Finnish Museum of Photography, Klockriketeatern and KOM-teatteri is to create a narrative network to connect the area’s residents and local art and other actors. The idea of the networks is to collect, highlight and share stories arising in the Vuosaari area and to contribute to the creation of a new culture of sharing by means of the arts. The aim is to examine where different stories come from and where they are going as part of a larger work of art to be completed in 2021. The activities will also involve dialogue with the Urban Environment Division, which operates in the Vuosaari area, even though the work has more to do with art-oriented activities carried out with different communities and residents.