We love films


VauvaCinema (Baby Cinema) offers parents the opportunity to see films and bring their children under the age of two with them. Children are taken into consideration by turning down the volume and dimming the lights. The films are always suitable for all viewers. Vuosaari House has an area reserved for prams, and children younger than two can come to the screenings free of charge.


Skidikino (Kids Cinema) shows high-quality short films suitable for children between the ages of three and seven.


Screenings for primary school classes.


Screenings for lower secondary school classes.


On Mondays, Vuosaari House offers free film screenings. The 320-seat Vuosali Hall, equipped with a big screen, provides a great setting for enjoying a film. We have selected interesting and topical art house films, classics and documentaries for this series. For some of the films, you can read an article written by an expert on the Vuosaari House website, introducing you to the themes of the film more closely.

Cinema Vuotalo

In January 2016, the people of eastern Helsinki got their own cinema when Vuosaari House began screening premieres using high-end digital projection, in collaboration with StoryHill Oy. Besides film premieres, Cinema Vuotalo’s screenings include Event Cinema shows, i.e. live recordings of opera and theatre performances.  Cinema Vuotalo has even featured Finnish advance showings!